Cover Image for WEB3 IN BLOOM
Cover Image for WEB3 IN BLOOM
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About Event

Venue: 31F, Jade room & Garden Terrace, Edition Hotel Toranomon

Host: Jsquare, Astar, DFG
Strategic Partner: TeamZ
Sponsor & Partner: KEKKAI, Bitget Japan, Bifrost, ABCDE Capital, Polygon Labs, Delysium

Welcome to "Web3, in Bloom"!

In the Sakura season (mid-April) of 2024, Jsquare, DFG, and Astar will jointly host an exceptional side event with TeamZ as the strategic partner, named "Web3 in Bloom." This event is the official side event of TeamZ Web3/AI Summit 2024.

Web3 in Bloom will be hosted in a fine dining restaurant with one of the fanciest Tokyo Tower night view.

We will invite industry forerunners, renowned investors and funds, accomplished founders, KOLs, media to depict their vision of the thriving Web3 world.

The floral mentor of the acclaimed drama presented by actress Crystal Liu - "Meet Yourself" will be invited as well to creatively transform their ideas into artworks for on-site interactive display.

The side event is now open for Sponsorship and Co-host.
Betty | Jsquare & DFG:
Yuhong | Astar:
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The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon
4-chōme-1-1 Toranomon, Minato City, Tokyo 105-0001, Japan