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Making Large Language Models Uncool Again

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Our upcoming fireside chat is with a true luminary, Jeremy Howard, co-founder of, an ex-Chief Scientist at Kaggle, and creator of the ULMFiT approach on which all modern language models are based.

In this fireside chat, Jeremy joins Hugo Bowne-Anderson, Outerbounds’ Head of Developer Relations, to talk about the current state of LLMs, how to get beyond the intense hype to deliver actual value, the existential threat posed by increasing concentration in vendor models, why we need more OSS LLMs, and how AI education will need to change.

They’ll discuss

  • What on earth we’ve just witnessed at OpenAI, why it’s important (and why it’s not!),

  • Cost-benefit analyses of using closed models (such as Chat-GPT and Claude) and OSS models (such as Llama 2 and Mistral),

  • Key concerns around regulatory capture and the future of OSS LLMs,

  • What LLM tools and techniques you need to know to future-proof yourself in this rapidly changing landscape,

  • How AI education will need to change to make LLMs actually uncool so that many people can actually use them!

And much, much more.