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Join the Ethereum Layer2 Developer session, for a deep dive on deploying with L2s, Zero Knowledge, and hands on workshops.

This event aims to foster knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the developer community and get our hands dirty. Based on the interest of participants, we can go everywhere from a high level overview of L2 architecture to hands on deployment of code. We will cover the basics of ZK, with the opportunity to dive into game theory.

Come on time with your laptop if you have one, questions, and projects you are building. We will have space for a few developers to share what they are working on with the group.

The workshops will be followed by an open discussion on developer education, ecosystem resources, and how the Ethereum community can best support the Kenyan ecosystem.

This event is supported by Arbitrum, Scroll, Optimism, and ETH Global. And brought to you by Borderless in partnership with BitKE and Web3Clubs, with support from the Memoi community.

​Snacks and refreshments will be served.