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For the Earth: ITERATE Using the Power of Regenerative Finance and Web3 to Accelerate Mangrove Reforestation

Hosted by Daniel Swid & Nature.Tech
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Mangrove Collaboration Challenge: ITERATE

Welcome to ITERATE, a second round of collaborations, where participants will dive deeper into Web3 and Regenerative Finance after completing collective research and empathy building activities while also establishing some collaboration foundations focused upon Mangroves.

New comer's welcome!

Today's debt based economy, based upon scarcity and extraction is degrading the entire planet and there never seems to be enough to support the stewards and ecosystems we all depend upon for survival.

How might we heal and protect Mother Earth using the building blocks of Regenerative Finance and Web3? In this series, we will examine innovative Web3 projects and then practice through successive design thinking inspired iterations to create wireframes, posters, user journeys, or something else you imagine.

Did you miss session 01?

Session 01 Recap

In session 01, held between May 3rd, 4th, and 5th we completed empathy building research gathered from a small collection of domain experts and project developers. We heard about mangroves — a powerful nature-based solution, the gaps of our global economy, and how some people including Neal Spackman, Sergey Ivliev, Seabstian Gärtner are thinking and using Web3 tools for NFT's, carbon credits, monitoring, and verification. We also heard some challenges from Dominic Woodhouse.

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The 2022 Earth Day Challenge is part of Better World’s global conference series and weekly podcasts exploring the use of Web3, DeFi, ReFi, Metaverse and associated technologies to accelerate achievement of global ESG objectives. The Summit is being co-sponsored by the Global Mangrove Trust, the Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association (Global DCA), Nature4Climate and organized by the Nature.Tech Nexus, Blue Dolphin NFT, Climate Designers, and Diffuse.



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We believe that the digital revolution is transforming the very nature of the way we live.  Our mission is to help understand how to best utilize its latest manifestation, Web3, grounded in intelligent interactivity and related decentralized technologies, to build a better world.  We believe in creating a collaborative, inclusive and sustainable community to explore the innovative potential of Web3 to contribute to achieving the UN’s Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Goals.    

Building Better Worlds is a communication and community building platform comprising weekly podcasts, engaging international conferences and hack-a-thons to encourage and support the development of Web3 ESG solutions. Our programs celebrate voices from every continent to forge a shared and abundant future.  

As web3 and the for-profit corporate sector moves into the ESG space our intention is to spotlight important voices and host conversations that shed light and foster collaboration towards achieving shared ESG goals. There is a wide gap between the emergent Web3 world and real-world ESG applications that needs to be bridged if we are to build viable solutions to solve the climate crisis and other challenging economic and social issues. 

We will spotlight leaders working towards a better future to a broad audience including cultural leaders, impact investors, climate tech, and sustainability leaders in both startups and enterprise organizations

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We believe ecological regeneration & technical capability is the greatest collaboration opportunity of our time. Our mission is to increase the flow of financial capital, human-genius, and public awareness towards nature-based climate solutions in order to amplify and accelerate the complex and courageous work of ecological regeneration.

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