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Special Earth Day Broadcast

Announcing a special Earth Day Broadcast and featuring discussions regarding Mangroves and Web3 hosted by Muts, a Ugandan born speaker, educator, and strategist based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. During the broadcast Muts hosts conversations with diverse leaders in Web 3, Regenerative Finance and Decentralized Finance, Blue Carbon, and Mangrove Reforestation with numerous guest appearances, a musical release, special education segments and never before seen footage from the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park.


During the broadcast, the Mangrove-Refi Collaboration Challenge hosted on Imagination Platform MURAL will be announced and open to registrations. The challenge will take place between May 3-5. There are three sessions being offered to encourage participation from people from around the globe. Tune in to find out more!


Mangroves are important. 200 million people around the globe rely on them both for food, and for protection from typhoons & hurricanes. They are considered among the planet’s most important habitats and can help mitigate the impacts of climate change because of their capacity to store large amounts of organic carbon — the soils they create are incredibly carbon rich. There is high potential for reforestation - both to sequester carbon, and to improve the wellbeing of rural, coastal communities.


What is the potential role for Regenerative Finance (ReFi) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to drive nature projects and communities?
Katelyn Archambault, Founder and CEO of Open Future Coalition
Vinay Gupta, CEO of Mattereum
Craig Wilson, CEO of Climate Collective

Can DAO's become a key tool for financing environmental projects?
Joachim Stroh, architect of the Decentralized Human Organization (DHO) for Hypha
Martin Quach, Chief Commercial and Marketing Director, Vlinder Climate

How can blockchain and Web3 innovations be utilized to protect & restore Mangroves?
Joao Fernandes, Blue Tiki ($BTIKI) Blockchain Technology
Viktor Löfgren, Digital Systems Manager, Starboard SUP
Duncan Brown, Blockchain Engineer, Veritree Global Restoration Projects

What role can Blockchain and DeFi/ReFi play in global carbon sequestration?
Aldyen Donnelly, Co-Founder and Director of Carbon Economics, Nori LLC
Christian Shearer, Chief Investment Officer, Regen Network
Dr. Delton Chen, Project Director & Founder, Global Carbon Reward

Spotlight Interviews
Ane Eline Sorenson, Founder, The Great Carribean Barrier Reef
Dominic Wodehouse, Executive Director, Mangrove Action Project, IUCN
Sebastian Gartner, VP of Programs, Greenstand
Dr. Sergey Ivliev, CEO, VlinderClimate
Steven Galster, Freeland and EndPanemics.Earth

Guest Appearances
Will Ruddick, Grassroots Economics Foundation
Jo Sawicki, Managing Partner at Planet Positive Ventures
Darek Trowbridge, CEO, Soil Carbon Management Co.
Marc Brasch, Founder of Green World Campaign, Kenya
Jonas Goldstein, Creative Director,

Special Video Segments 
Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park & World View International
Nature4Climate "Blue Carbon"

Musical Guest
Gian Berselli, Astral Wolf Records

and more...

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We believe that the digital transformation is revolutionizing the very nature of the way we live. Our mission is to explore how innovations such as the metaverse, Web3, and related decentralized technologies can help sustain the natural world; build greater efficiencies into the human-made world to grow our shared prosperity; and expand human consciousness. We believe in creating a collaborative, inclusive, and sustainable community to explore the potential of innovation to contribute to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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