Cover Image for Japanese DAO Night With IVS sponsored by AKINDO

Japanese DAO Night With IVS sponsored by AKINDO

Hosted by Kazuma Tamura & AKINDO
Past Event
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About Event


​Japanese DAO Night is the only DAO side event of IVS!! Let's chat about DAOs, web3, and startups with the finest music and cocktails!

​The state-of-the-art DAO project in Japan and World pitches their works. Non-web3 ppl/entrepreneurs will also be very welcome! Everybody makes some noise for the DAO party!!

​Date: June 28th, 2023 10 pm-12 pm

​Fee: ¥1500(1 drink fee)

​Hours: 2 hours

​Maximum capacity:100

​Language: English and Japanese

​For people: web3/ DAO enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs, ppl want to know more about DAOs

​Pitching DAOs and teams will get a free drink! (6 teams at maximum)


​※Under 20 age can't order alcohol.

​※Payment after one drink will be made in cash.

​Sponsored by AKINDO

​AKINDO ( is a web3 hackathon platform that solves problems for DAO of projects through hackathons.

​Follow us on Twitter to keep up with hackathons of domestic and international projects ->


​Japanese DAO Nightは、IVSの唯一のDAOサイドイベントです! 最高級の音楽とカクテルで、DAO、web3、スタートアップについて語り合いましょう!


​開催日 2023年6月28日 22時~24時

​参加費: 1500円(1ドリンク代)

​時間: 2時間


​言語 英語・日本語






Sponsored by AKINDO

AKINDO( )はプロジェクトのDAO化のための課題をハッカソンを通じて解決するweb3ハッカソンプラットフォームです。

勉強会含め800名以上のビルダーがエントリーした日本最大のweb3ハッカソン東京web3ハッカソン、6/29(木)にIVS Cryptoで開催するAI+Crypto Hackathonなどの自社開催イベントだけではなく、BNBChain,Astar,Flow,Oasys,XPRLなど様々なプロジェクトのハッカソンをホストしています。