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S1E2: Why Can't I Buy a House?

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​Season One: How do we fix the UK? Just F***ing Build Something.

Episode Two: Why Can't I Buy a House?


  • Ben Dunn Flores, Co-ops as a non-state solution to the housing crisis

  • Jamie Rumbelow, Synthetic planning committees: can we use machine learning to solve the housing crisis?

  • Charlotte Leach - Can effective engagement with politicians and communities help change negative perceptions about the development industry?

  • Say Vivekanantham - Centralising the ownership and management of your home

  • Simon Groll - Keyzy: If I can afford to pay rent, I should be able to afford a mortgage, right?

  • Jay Lakhani – The intergenerational differences and politics of home ownership

  • Frederik Filz - Exploring the Multiplex: delving into the future of Modular Construction and our strategy for hyper-accelerating development

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