Business Hippie Club

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Hans van de Rakt
Debora Paolini



Join our Club with other members for a joint effort to accomplish a social economy based on human values. The Business Hippie Club is here to connect and inspire all conscious business leaders that want to make real impact.

The BH-CLUB is offering you a community to interact with likeminded people interested in the same topics as you do. You have 2 options on how to participate in this community.

  1. The BH-Club offers you the opportunity to start your own group in the BH-Club community. Gather as many likeminded people with the same interests as you have, and work together on your topic to make a change.

  2. Or contribute to the group with ideas on how to perform and change the (business) world.

I invite you to be a conscious business leader and join our club!

Peace, Love & Happiness!

Hans van de Rakt
Founder & Business Hippie

Join Nina Pavlovska, Jake Kelley, Liliana Amaral and 21 others