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Business Brainstorms with Jakob Greenfeld

Hosted by Ayush 🙏
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How do you come up with business ideas?

More importantly, how do you validate your business ideas?

Jakob Greenfeld is a master at this.

He tracks trends, signals and problems to find business opportunities in the most unlikeliest of places.

Jakob is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Data on Demand, Newsletter Spy, Enrich My List, Under the Radar, Product Explorer (acq.), What to Tweet (acq.).

He writes on entrepreneurship, creativity, and marketing and has over 7,000 email subscribers and 12000 Twitter followers.

He has written viral essays such as No more insight porn and Effortless Personal Productivity.

And also writes the amazing Business Brainstorms newsletter.

His tweets and newsletters are always insightful and interesting. They go to the heart of an issue and always give you something to think about.

So if you want to geek out on entrepreneurship and business ideas and trends then join us for an hour long conversation over a Zoom call.