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Business of Community with Nikki Thibodeau

Hosted by Careers in Technology and Innovation
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Welcome to the Business of Community
Every month we bring in guests to talk about community and the business impact it has on organizations.

This event series is hosted by Brigitte Legault (Community Consultant) & Zachary Novak (FML Studios), passionate community builders.

October will be our third month of hosting the event, and we will be hosting Nikki Thibodeau, Senior Community Strategist.

Nikki has been a Community Manager, led a global team of Community Managers, moved into Community Operations and was Shopify's first Senior Community Strategist to help scale their efforts across a 10,000+ person organization and for their over 2 million merchants.

A strong advocate for women, Nikki was foundational in the creation of what Shopify's Women's Employee Resource Group is today. Working to help women feel more included, valued, and heard. Helping to foster a space for more women in technology.

In this event, we will discuss:

  • Building employee resource groups

  • What is community strategy and operations? What is the difference?

  • Strategic visioning and roadmapping

  • Defining metrics and measuring outcomes

This event will have a discussion, breakouts and a group discussion.