Becoming a PM: How to Build the Right Solutions



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Ever wondered how PMs behind successful products like MS Office, Teams, or GitHub think about improving their products? Up your PM game or ace your next PM interview by learning how to build successful solutions that add value to the user and the business!

Join Product Buds as we invite Bryan, Principal PM Manager in Microsoft One Engineering System, who leads a team of senior PMs within the Microsoft and GitHub collaboration and has close to 20 years of PM experience!

Here's what you can expect at the event:

🍃 You launched a product, now what?

🍃 Designing and running experiments?

🍃 Strategies to effectively reiterate?

🍃 How to interview customers

🍃 How to gather inference and build features

It's easy to build a new feature in your next product interview but what it takes to actually build a successful feature beyond product design is your chance to learn in this event to ace your next PM interview!

🗣 About the Speaker 🗣

Bryan Sullivan is a Principal PM Manager at Microsoft, where he leads the One Engineering System Security Tooling team, which is responsible for helping Microsoft developers build more secure products. Bryan has been in the developer security field for 20 years, and in addition to his current role he has also helped to develop the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle for Agile (SDL-Agile) development process and has served as the program manager for the Microsoft Cryptography Board. Prior to Microsoft, he was an engineering manager at HP, where he helped to design the security products WebInspect and DevInspect. Bryan is the co-author of the books “Web Application Security: A Beginner's Guide” and “Ajax Security”.

You can connect to Bryan here: