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Buidl Hour Istanbul promises an exciting journey filled with captivating keynote talks, intimate fireside chats, and hands-on technical workshops, all brought to you by the visionary minds behind the MetisDAO Foundation and its EcoNodes. Joining us as co-hosts for this adventure is none other than H.E.R. DAO Turkey: a localized developer community with a coinciding mission of the global H.E.R. DAO initiative.


- 5.30 H.E.R. DAO open speech
- 5.45 METIS "Decentralized Sequencer Pool" by Jose Fabrega, Head of Marketing at Metis L2.
- 6.00 FILECOIN "Programmatic Storage & Chain Scalability with FVM & IPC" by Sarah Thiam, DevRel Lead FVM
- 6.20 TAIKO "Deep Dive in to Proof Continuation and Chunking Scheme" by Cecilia, ZK engineer & Product manager
- 6.40 S21 "CORE: Blockchain to Reconstruct Community Culture & Collectivity" by Melissa Kurtcan, Founder

MetisDAO Foundation is a non-profit organization that is focused on building a hub for the Web3 community & giving equal opportunity to everyone to receive education, create a startup or an EcoNode and get it funded.

H.E.R DAO is the fastest growing diverse developer DAO championing innovation and inclusion.
Operating in Asia, Africa, Europe, North, and South America; the main driver for their exponential growth is their vision of removing barriers for those at the margins who want to build in the web3 space. H.E.R. DAO activities include hackathons, bootcamps, conferences, grants + incubators / accelerator programs. 

To connect with H.E.R. DAO: linktree
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