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Build Weekend #1

Hosted by Vensy
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Update: Build Weekend #1 has ended on Sunday Nov 14th.

Build Weekends bring together no-coders who will build and launch a project over the weekend with a supportive community. They’re in the nature of hackathons, with a final pitch in front of judges and audience.

All my no-code projects were launched in right deadlines, and this was the major source of my learning in the field. Through Build Weekend, I wish to offer a platform to ambitious builders to learn and excel at no-code while also launching atomic projects over the course of a weekend. For more details, please check the website here:

Whether you're new to no-code or are a seasoned expert, join me at Build Weekend to launch a project in 48 hours.

Event Partner:

Softr. Mariyam and Artur from Softr are fiercely supportive of beginners and the no-code community. Softr will award the winner with a generous subscription!


Curtis is a recovering software consultant, full-stack developer, and no-code maker. He leads the no-code Infrastructure team at On Deck, working at the intersection of code and no-code enabling everyone at On Deck to build reliably, at scale, without writing code. Also don't forget to check out his upcoming talk at No Code Conf:

Ash is the co-founder of “Bad Unicorn” which launches new business ideas every other week. He currently is the Program Associate for On Deck No-Code and has been hosting a volunteer meet-up for founders in the UK for the past 6 years. He is known for his building skills and being able to ship excellent projects in a short period of time.

Update: Please visit this page for the sessions schedule and this page for FAQs.

If you're an absolute beginner to no-code, please watch this video to learn about Glide, a no-code platform that will allow you to launch your first app this week. Please follow the video and practice building an app by Friday so you can build and launch your idea during the event.