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Buidlers Circle Bangalore

Hosted by Lohitaksh Dutt & 4 others
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Let’s be honest, buidlers’ life is hard.

​​They are trying to do impossible things. The odds are stacked against them.

​​Their family, friends, and people around them cannot relate to or understand their problems.

​​And navigating through a ton of uncertainty, you need your tribe.

​​Other buidlers.

​​So we started Buidlers Circle where 5-10 serious buidlers gather every weekend to chill and support each other.

​​We will bring in some successful founders, investors, and experts occasionally.

​​These will be hosted at an undisclosed location, available to serious buidlers who apply.

​​It is the first step towards buidling your tribe.

​​The fifth Buidlers Circle Bangalore will happen this Saturday from 3 PM to 5 PM.

​It will be an intimate and uncensored discussion about whatever you want.

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