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BUIDL on NEAR Mini Hackathon

Hosted by SEED Labs & NEAR Singapore
Past Event
Welcome! To join the event, please register below.
About Event

Do I need to join the BUIDL on NEAR bootcamp to participate in this mini hackathon?

​No, anyone is welcomed.

Requirement upon Signing-up?

  1. We will be conducting the communication via our Discord Server, kindly ensure you/ your team have downloaded the app.

  2. You HAVE to decide if you are signing-up:

  • as a team (up to 5 pax); OR

  • Fly solo

***Every team member has to sign-up via this portal.

Mini Hackathon Prize List

​​First Prize $1000
Second Prize $500
Third Prize $200

​​Bonus: Potential Internship Opportunities with Amazon Web Services

​​Judgement Criteria

​​In spirit of decentralisation, our mini-hack will be running all vote system - which allowed participants that have enter their submission and mentors right to vote for the favourite projects.

Due to fairness, we will announce the theme of the hackathon at a closer date.

This event is part of an educational series. Check out our event homepage for more exciting events that comes along!

Brought to you by SEED. Sponsored by Near Singapore.