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Adding Purpose to a Product with ownpath

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👋 Event alert!

Here’s what we have in mind for this Thursday: You, us, Bapusaheb Patil and an evening of adding purpose to a product ✨

Join us for a fun & creative workshop, as we set out to redesign and reimagine the Disneyland webpage, aligning design with business objectives 🎯

If that sounds good to you, then we have even better news! 📣
We’re kicking off a series of similar open studio sessions, where we get together to tackle such interesting topics under the guidance of an industry leader. In our pilot round on Thursday, that is Baps Patil.

Baps is the founder & Head of Design at Primobots, a utility-based NFT startup. A public speaker & the author of 'Branding for Freelancers & New Businesses', Baps is a designer with skills in brand identity design, UX strategy and 3D ⚡️

Baps is also a mentor at ownpath's Product Design Fellowship, and this is your chance to gain a glimpse into what mentorship at ownpath looks like!

Through this design jam, Baps will guide us towards achieving the following outcomes:
💡 Learn a few fundamentals of Product Design
📱 Create a mid-fidelity prototype of the redesigned webpage on Figma
📈 Align design with business objectives

Sounds good? Join us to add some magic to the website of the most magical place on earth!

🗓 We will be meeting on Zoom at 7pm (IST) on 25th August (Thursday)