Cover Image for Intermediate Friendship, NYC March 30th-31st
Cover Image for Intermediate Friendship, NYC March 30th-31st

Intermediate Friendship, NYC March 30th-31st

Hosted by Jeff Lieberman & Ellie
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“If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.” - Ram Dass 

​​​We've spent much of the last 8 years designing events for groups — and found hundreds of experiments and games that open people up to deeper connection without feeling like they're doing heavy 'workshop' work, and instead laughing with one another. Our facilitator team weaves dozens of lineages of practice including Byron Katie’s The Work, Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing, Alexander Lowen’s Bioenergetics, Integral Theory, as well as a deep appreciation of the evolution of consciousness and the sources of human suffering.  Our work evolved into a month-long residential experience called Sleepawake Camp, where participants immerse themselves into utterly new ways of being — some call it “How to Human”. If you have been wanting to reconnect with your own creativity and the vitality of your relationships, this will be a weekend well spent.

​​​This event is all about TAKING YOUR FRIENDSHIP GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL. This weekend we will dive deep into the ways we make and break connection, how to deepen connection, how to repair disconnection. How to build relationships that are solid from the inside out. How to be our own best friend and a better friend to others. 

​​​We often try to be a better friend to others by sacrificing elements of ourselves. But changing yourself for connection only guarantees disconnection — as others are no longer connecting with you, only your mask.

​​​Many of us tend to hide our “best” and “worst” parts in service of being “nice”, “appropriate”, and to avoid being a “burden” or “too much.”

​​​This sucks. 

​​​Hiding keeps us from asking for help when we need it, from experiencing the gobsmacking miracle of being held by our community at exactly the moment we see ourselves as least deserving of love. Our friends want to be there for us just as much as we want to be there for them. And yet we deny each other this opportunity again and again.

​​​Spoiler alert: There’s no need to do this. Acting this way never lets us find out what’s possible. Leaning into the edgier parts of our relationships does. Some of the best experiences in relationship only emerge when we bring our most withheld selves, our disowned shadows, our scariest desires, our softest cries, out to light. 

​​​This weekend is designed as a sandbox for you to experience the next layer of what’s possible. 

​​​Bring a friend if you like, but you don’t have to know anyone at this workshop beforehand; the tools you’ll acquire this weekend will make you better friends with everyone you meet for the rest of your life.

​​Intermediate Friendship was not designed as a one-off peak experience. It's built to enable positive change to take root well past this weekend. 

​​Here are testimonials collected from participants on our followup call, which takes place one month after the workshop ends (included in ticket price): 

  • ​“All the most important relationships in my life have become so much more easy” 

  • ​“It’s amazing how much more you get out of one friendship with someone who knows you, vs ten friends who don’t” 

  • ​“I saw all my relationships were exhausting. and then i started being authentic, and wow, I have so much energy now. This is a totally different way of being"

​​​Brass tacks:

  • ​​​We will meet from 10am-7pm both Saturday 3/30 and Sunday 3/31

  • ​​​There will be a midday lunch break and several shorter breaks throughout the day.

  • ​​​Besides bringing yourself, nothing will be needed. You may want a journal or a water bottle.

  • ​​​No prior experience required - everything will be taught from the basics.

  • ​​​You will participate in everything from 1-on-1 exercises to full group games.

  • ​​​The event costs $200. Please do not let the ticket price become a block to your attending. If you need financial support for the program, please email and let us know and we will help make it happen.

  • ​This event is considered a weekend intensive. Many participants find that they want to limit their schedule the day after to fully integrate what arises during the weekend program. Please consider this when booking your schedule.

​​​And yes, in case you were wondering, we have a program called Advanced Friendship. (Too spicy for a weekend.)


​​​Jeff Lieberman is… the Creative Director of Sleepawake Camp, initiated to help young adults find their way to a flourishing adulthood more easily than he did. He is also founder of Wonder Machines, and an explorer of the connections between consciousness, physics, psychology, and spirituality.

​​​Learn more:

248 McKibbin St
Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA