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​Season One: How do we fix the UK? Just F***ing Build Something.

Episode Four: Why is Government Broken?

In this episode, we'll explore how Government works, how it gets in the way, and how to help change Government for the better.


  • Joe Hill - Venture statecraft, and theories of power

  • Tom Rumbelow - How policymakers balance emerging technologies, geopolitics, market economics, and national security in developing an approach to national digital infrastructure

  • Dr Lawrence Newport - Why certain things don't get done, and how to make sure your thing does

  • Fabian Chessell - Getting stuff done in Whitehall, an outsider's insider view

  • Joseph Hollingworth - The Government isn't Tracking You: UCDS MoU - a case study in how the UK government doesn’t share data

  • Joshua Bellingham - Why it’s difficult to get things done in government, even when No.10 is behind your project

  • Steven Barrett - Bad Law: Broken State - how the law itself is now a problem

  • ​🤫 More speakers announced soon

​We're still open to more topics. Post here if you'd like to speak at this or another event.