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So Your Therapist Told You To Do Breathwork?

Hosted by Shift Collab
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Ever rolled your eyes at the age-old advice to “just breathe” in the midst of life’s chaos? Yep, guilty as charged! But let's be honest – can simply taking a breath, or practicing breath work, really solve the complex challenges we’re faced with on a daily basis? Spoiler alert: not a chance 😅! But here’s the thing, there’s value in harnessing the tool of our own brilliant biology to allow ourselves to meet individual, interpersonal, and systematic issues from the most grounded place possible. Curious about how to unleash this potential? Find out how, plus more, in Shift Collab Therapist Elizabeth Bala’s upcoming free virtual workshop on September 19 at 6 PM EST!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Learn about the nervous system to understand why breathwork works!

  • Strengthen your ability to feel grounded in your body by connecting with your breath

  • To be actively guided through four different breathwork tools 

  • Learn about the benefits of breath work as an everyday wellness tool

Don’t miss out on the chance to equip yourself with tangible tools to conquer your challenges from a place of strength and resilience! 

Register now (🌟it’s free!) to save your spot, and don’t forget to bring a pal. The more, the merrier!

Meet Your Host: Elizabeth Bala

As a dedicated Shift Collab therapist, Elizabeth supports people who face challenges due to trauma, disordered eating, issues related to gender and sexuality, anxiety, and ADHD. Since 2016, Elizabeth has also supported young adults with substance use concerns and a variety of mental health diagnoses.

In her personal life, Elizabeth has maintained a dedicated yoga/meditation practice for over a decade. This has given Elizabeth a deep awareness of and appreciation for the intimate connection between mind and body. For many people, the body is the site of pain and/or trauma, and it can equally be the source of healing. Elizabeth’s holistic approach blends therapeutic modalities with her fervent belief that every person can find a pathway to mental wellness. She’ll support you in finding your own path to wellness through your community, culture, lineage, and the innate wisdom in your own body.

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