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Breathwork to optimise your health and wellbeing

Hosted by Fab Giovanetti
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Do you feel stressed, anxious, tired or sluggish during the day? Do you struggle to switch off from work, slow down or quieten your mind? Are changes and uncertainties in your daily life and work so mentally taxing you find it a struggle to cope?

If any of these resonate with you and if you would like to learn how you can use your breath to support your emotional, mental and physical health and wellbeing, this introductory masterclass is perfect for you.

Our BREATH is the key link between body and mind. It is the only function in our body that is both autonomic and also under control, allowing you to change its rate, depth and pattern at will.

Here's what you'll learn 👇

  • The science behind Breathwork and why it is a cornerstone of your health, wellbeing and performance, just like a good diet and exercise.

  • Experience selected breathwork techniques, designed to help you feel calm, declutter your busy mind and gain a better connection to your body

  • How to use the tools and skills of Breathwork to help you proactively manage your physical and mental health.

This is a live event. Replays will be only available for 48hrs unless you are a Creative Impact Collective member.

Masterclass held by Creative Impact and Melike Hussein👇

Melike is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Conscious Breathing Coach and a Qualified Nurse. She is the founder of BreathZone – a holistic health company serving individuals, corporates, institutions and the public.

Melike’s holistic health journey started after becoming a Qualified Nurse and then following on 15 years of a successful career as Finance Director. A stress-induced burnout left her temporarily paralysed –unable to speak or move– igniting her curiosity in natural tools and remedies.

Astounded by the complete transformation in her body and mind, within a short space of time, thanks to Conscious Breathing and Mindfulness practices, Melike was inspired to train in these two modalities and share them with others.

She is passionate about empowering her clients with a practical toolkit of medically safe and science-backed natural practices, tailored to their particular needs and objectives – helping them to take charge of their health, wellbeing, energy and productivity in all aspects of their lives.

About this masterclass 👇

  • How does it run? This is an interactive masterclass run via Zoom webinar, so cameras and microphones will not be needed.

  • Can I access a replay of this free event? This event is live only for the public, with a 48hour replay. Here's why. Each expert masterclass is designed to help you take action to make a change in your business, which means to get the most of it, it’s important you can be present. As our teachers take the time to prepare this live session, we have pledged to encourage as much live attendance as possible in respect of their hard work. Lastly, watching something delivered live, along with other people sharing the same moment of self-discovery, increases the hormone oxytocin, which not only builds community and fosters bonding, but also motivates people to take action and put their learnings into practice.

  • What do members of the collective get a part of the event? Creative Impact Collective members will have access to a replay for the masterclass via our 'resources'

  • Do I need anything for this online workshop? You will ideally be in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. You can practice Breathwork in a seated position or lying down as you prefer. I recommend you wear loose, comfortable and warm clothes to make sure that your body is not restricted by tight clothes, belts etc..

  • Is this workshop suitable for me? This workshop will be at a gentle pace. However, if you are suffering from cardiovascular conditions, epilepsy, major depression, acute psychosis, please consult with your doctor before attending. This is suitable for participants with no previous breath-work experience and experienced breathers alike.

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