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How many times have you thought “I just need to get an interview, then I am confident about getting that role”? But crossing that first hurdle is as difficult as speaking French.

You wreck your brains thinking of creative ideas to get the attention of some startup founder. You spend your nights biting your nails combing through every website and job board looking for a perfect role. You even offer to do unpaid assignments for them! But it doesn't work.

More savvy job seekers have different strategies. They know that some of the startup jobs are not even listed!

A bunch of Stoa’s team got hired through network, cold emails, projects, and surprisingly Spotify playlists had a role to play one role.

So how do you tap into the hidden startup job market? How do you avoid the crowd and take the side doors to get into your dream startups?

Learn it from Raj (Co-Founder, Stoa). Learn from his experience of interacting with hundreds of fast-growing, stellar startups.

  1. How do startups hire through informal channels like social media and their network

  2. What kind of startups should you target

  3. 5 ideas that can help you jump the line, get an interview, and land a job

  4. How to create a role for yourself in a startup and get hired for the same

  5. How to tap into your network and ways to reach out to get referred and hired, fast

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