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The Secrets of a brand master w/ Stephen Houraghan

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The secrets of a brand master -

  • What does it take to be a brand master?

  • How do we get branding right?

  • What kind of processes and frameworks should we use?

  • Is there a secret tool or process to becoming a master in your craft?

  • It is really hard to differentiate in a crowded marketplace full of brand strategists, what to do?

Have you ever thought about these kinds of questions before?
We did too!

That's why we have brought to you our special guest,

Stephen Houraghan
Brand Strategist & Founder Of Brand Master Academy.

Stephen Houraghan is a brand strategist, consultant, the CEO and Founder of Brand Master Academy, and the host of The Brand Master Podcast.

Stephen has a background in business and finance, providing advice in stock and options trading for retail and institutional investors on the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange).

After gaining further qualifications in both design and marketing which he combined with his business experience, he created the Iconic Fox Agency, providing brand strategy and creative services for global clients using his proprietary brand-building systems.

Stephen has shared his ideas on branding and marketing for publications such as Hubspot, Marketo, Creative Bloq, Design Taxi and has appeared on industry podcasts such as Just Branding, Brand Design Masters, Logo Geek, and Brand Tuned.

Today he shares these proprietary systems, knowledge, and experience in business, branding, and marketing to tens of thousands of students and followers through The Brand Master Academy Programs, The Brand Master Podcast, The Academy Youtube channel, and the growing Brand Strategy Community.

Stephen has helped tens of thousands of students and followers to transform their businesses and multiply their revenues by leveraging the brand strategy systems, processes, and tools he provides through his teaching and programs.

Today Stephen is helping our community industry with what it takes to be a brand master, so don't miss out on this session.

See you there!