TikTok Branding Bootcamp with JT Barnett (In-person, Chicago edition)



This event has ended. If you'd like, you can still register below.

Event Information

Hearing an expert talk about how to win on TikTok is one thing. Seeing them strategize in real-time is something most don’t get access to — until now! 

We’re bringing in TikTok creator and agency owner JT Barnett (@jtbarnett on TikTok) to help! 

Here’s how the event will work: JT will strategize with three brands in front of the live audience. Seeing how others approach their strategy will give you all the ideas you need to make your mark on TikTok in 2023. 

By signing up, you have the chance to be one of the three brands that come up on stage. If you don't want to participate, we won't ask you to come up :)