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How to Build a Brand Community from Scratch

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Big companies can outspend you. Competitors can enter the market. Your product can be replicated.

But if your marketing strategy is centered around a brand community, you don’t lose sleep - because ‘how’ you do your thing becomes more important than ‘what’ you do. 

Building a brand community is one of the best things you can do for your brand, but it’s certainly not the easiest. 

This is why we’ve invited an ace who builds communities for a living. Joe Glover has mastered the art of fostering communities that people care about. He’s built The Marketing Meetup - an engaged community of over 24,000 marketers from across the globe - and in this session, he’ll share how.

​Now. We know there are tons of blog posts, podcasts, and videos out there that discuss building brand communities.

​But here’s what makes this live session different:

Joe will walk you through every step he takes when building thriving brand communities. You will walk away from this session knowing what community truly is - and how you can start to build one yourself. 

So if:

  • You want to remove dependency on ads and promotions for traffic.

  • You want to Increase customer retention.

  • You don’t want fluffy “tips,” you want to know how to build a community for your brand

  • You want to create valuable brand advocates.

​— then this session is 100% for you.

So sign up today so you don’t miss out.

Guest Speaker:

Joe founded The Marketing Meetup five years ago in a servery in Cambridge as a hobby because he was terrified to walk into networking situations. Five years on, the group unites 21,000+ marketers from Torbay to New York with talks and networking that don't make you feel slimy when you walk out of the room.

PS. Building a brand community will not happen overnight, but those willing to invest will reap the benefits. If you are interested in building a brand community of your own, you shouldn’t miss this session.