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How to Execute a Smart Brand Refresh with Audience Insights Workshop

Hosted by The 10th House by Female Founder Collective
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Learn how to execute a strategic brand refresh powered by audience insights. This workshop is ideal for brands that have been in business for 1-5 years and are looking to elevate/re-imagine their branding based on the data they've pulled from the first years in business.

- Find out who is actually buying your products: Define the demographics, psychographics & consumption habits of your most active customer base and make key brand decisions on how to best appeal to them.

- See what specific customer segments your brand needs to resonate with: Paint a clear, differentiated picture of each segment of your target audience by developing audience personas, and ensure that your brand speaks to this audience.

- Differentiate from the competitors also marketing to your target audience: See which primary and secondary competitors are also targeting your audience and decide how you'll use your branding to set your business apart in a crowded marketplace.

- See exactly how we use these insights to make smart brand decisions: Get an insider look at a client case study so you can see exactly how we use these audience insights to make strategic branding decisions when we execute a full Brand Refresh for clients.


Tiffany manages brand and marketing strategy at The Ordinary Good. She has a brand building background layered with integrated marketing management for the past 7 years largely in responsible fashion, beauty & wellness. Her passion is working with early stage brands making our world better.

Veronica manages creative direction at The Ordinary Good. She has a background in crafting DTC brand identities from the ground up for the past 7 years. Her passion is working with creative and innovative brands looking to shift our culture for good.