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Braintrust Live February
Zoom Webinar

Join us on Thursday, February 17 at 8 AM PST | 11 AM EST for a special Braintrust Live featuring Packy McCormick, Web3 leader and founder of Not Boring! He’s giving a fireside chat about why he believes Braintrust is a perfect case study for tokenomics and how a Web3 protocol could beat Web2 incumbents.

You may follow him on Twitter or subscribe to his newsletter, but this is your chance to hear him live - don’t miss it! We’ll also be sharing important Braintrust updates like:

  • A message from our founders Adam Jackson and Gabe Luna-Ostaseski

  • What Braintrust is building in Q1

  • How the Grants projects are going

  • Some exciting news about a Braintrust swag store

  • BTRST earning opportunities and more!

If you haven’t read Packy’s article on Braintrust, it’s a great primer for the insights we’ll be sharing next week.