Cover Image for Palo Alto Networks Q224 Earnings Debrief
Cover Image for Palo Alto Networks Q224 Earnings Debrief
Private Event

Palo Alto Networks Q224 Earnings Debrief

Hosted by Francis Odum & Cole Grolmus
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A discussion about the future of network security, cloud security, and the SOC.

Palo Alto Networks (PANW) just hit a remarkable milestone: the first-ever security company to reach a $100 billion valuation! This achievement beckons the question: What lies ahead for PANW?

To delve into this question and more, Francis and Cole Grolmus of Strategy of Security, an industry veteran, are pleased to invite you to our exclusive webinar where we host a Palo Alto Networks Q224 Earnings Debrief: Analyzing Future Trends.

This webinar will cover an in-depth discussion on five major themes, including:

  • What is required for PANW to achieve the next $200 billion valuation milestone?

  • Evolving trends in SOC, Network Security, and Cloud Security.

  • Analysis of Palo Alto’s competitive landscape, focusing on:

    • The significance of firewalls and the trajectory of hardware growth.

    • The SASE landscape and competition with ZScaler and Netskope.

    • Comparing PANW’s SOC/Endpoint strategies against CrowdStrike.

    • Cloud security paradigms in comparison with Wiz.

  • Exploration of potential acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and future growth opportunities.

  • Highlights from the earnings report, focusing on financial and product updates.