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The Fault in our North Stars I PLG SaaS Webinar

Hosted by Toplyne & Rahul from Toplyne ツ
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The Bottoms Up community presents a power-packed webinar series with trailblazers from the PLG world.

If we did a survey and asked PLG teams to define their relationship with achieving revenue, the most common answer would be: "It's complicated" ❤️‍🩹

We feel ya.

This Valentines Day, we're teaming up with Franciska Dethlefsen (Head of Growth - Amplitude) for an insightful and interactive webinar.

We'll be talking about all things that matter - North star metrics. The ones that your team should swipe right on ;)


❤️ How to identify and pick a north star metric for each stage of your growth funnel

🚩 Common mistakes PLG companies make in the process

🤝 How to achieve team alignment

🤑 What are some strategies that worked for Amplitude with user acquisition

Come and join us. In the end, you'll leave with a "can't nobody hold me down" attitude 💪

Franciska Dethlefsen is the Head of Growth Marketing at Amplitude. She is in charge of new user acquisition, activation, and monetisation. Beyond her role, she serves as an Advisor to multiple companies including Essence Venture Capital, Metaphor Data, and Metaplane.