Building a Product-Led Sales Team From Scratch I SaaS Webinar

Hosted by Rahul Krishnan & Toplyne
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Arguably the greatest self-serve, bottom-up motion in the world. A masterclass in layering in sales on top of a PLG juggernaut.

In many ways, Figma is the GOAT of the PLG world.

On March 28, we sit down with their VP Sales & GM for APAC - Scott Pugh.

Scott was Figma's first employee in APAC as Figma builds out a hub in Singapore to support their community across the region.

In short... he's building Figma's APAC Sales engine from scratch.

And for 45 minutes, we pick his brain on how he's doing it.

Key themes

  1. Unlocking new geographies with sales

  2. Sizing up geographic pockets for sales & expansion

  3. Using the community as a force multiplier

  4. Building the components of a PLS team

  5. How Figma sells

We'll see you on the 28th.​