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Product Analytics, But For Revenue Teams I SaaS Webinar by Bottoms Up!

Hosted by Toplyne & Rahul Krishnan
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If you're a SaaS company in 2023, your product analytics and revenue stack are likely living on completely different planets 馃實馃獝

鈥婤ut why? In the latest edition of Bottoms Up webinars, we get to the bottom of this with... 馃 Kenneth Vincent 馃

馃敟 Meet the speaker

鈥婯enneth was one of the first Enterprise AEs at Yammer in '09, and also their first CSM.

鈥婬e then had two ~4 year stints as Director of Enterprise Sales, first at and then at Goodera.

鈥婬e then joined ClickUp as their first Sales Leader and eventually became the Global Director of Sales. This was back when ClickUp skyrocketed in revenue to $100m+ ARR in just about 2.5 years.

鈥婲o big deal.

鈥婣s GTM Leader and advisor to many early stage start-ups, there are very few better placed to finally try to bridge the chasm between product analytics and revenue.

鈿★笍 Kenneth and Toplyne get to the bottom of...

  • 鈥婨nterprise sales in 2023 compared to 10 years ago

  • 鈥婽he rise of product analytics and its impact on enterprise sales in 2023

  • 鈥婽he disconnect between product analytics and the revenue stack

  • 鈥婱istakes early-stage PLG companies make when setting up product analytics

鈥媁e'll see you at the event 馃