Product Buds Book Club: Empowered (Live Discussion #5)



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We will be delving further into Marty Cagan’s recent book EMPOWERED. This time, we will look at how one should go about creating and communicating their Product Vision. We will also be discussing the principles and ethics surrounding effective Product Vision.  ​We would love to hear your ideas and insights during our discussion! See you there! 🌱

​💡 Why join the Product Buds Book Club?

  • ​Attendees are not required to read all the chapters! We understand that everyone is quite busy and may not be able to read multiple chapters.

  • ​Share experience, find out what sort of companies experienced PMs are headed to, and what to look for in a startup as a budding PM!

  • ​Discuss companies’ approaches to PM’ing and FREE peer coaching/mentoring!

​🧩Product Buds Book Club Structure:

  • ​Brief recap of our last #bookclub session

  • Expound on Product Vision (Part IV)

  • ​Open forum / discussion

  • ​Recap & conclusion

​🥳What can you expect: 

  • ​How to create a strong and compelling product vision

  • Ethics and principles to guide your product vision

  • How to communicate your product vision

  • Example of a strong leader implementing their Product Vision

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