Cover Image for 봉크와 함께 !!!
Cover Image for 봉크와 함께 !!!
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봉크와 함께 !!!

Hosted by BONK!!! & 3 others
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🐕 국내 최대 규모의 $BONK 아트 전시회 참여 이벤트

솔라나에서 가장 널리 사용되는 $BONK 를 국내에 널리 알리기 위해 봉크 재단에서 솔라나 NFT 프로젝트 Fidelion, 국내 최고 디지털 아트 전시장 Weple과 협력하여 멋진 이벤트 & 전시회를 진행합니다.

이번 이벤트는 여타 이벤트와 같이 단순히 모여서 네트워킹만 하는 자리 뿐만 아니라, 국내 웹3 유수의 아티스트 20여명과의 협력을 통해 만들어진 눈이 즐거운 봉크 아트 전시 역시 함께 이루어질 예정입니다.

참여자 및 지원자를 대상으로 한 다양한 경품 역시 준비되어 있으니 웹3와 아트, 봉크를 사랑하는 여러분의 많은 참여 부탁드립니다!

이번 행사는 BONK를 비롯하여 Fidelion, Weple, Solana Foundation, Solflare, Jito, Pyth, Exchange Art, Bonkbot, Orca, MissW 등 여러 스폰서의 지원으로 마련되었습니다.

주요 일정:

  • 오후 5시 30분 | 입장 시작

  • 오후 6시 - 오후 7시 30분 | 키노트, 패널 및 토크 진행

  • 오후 7시 30분 이후 | 네트워킹

Welcome us back to the vibrant city of Seoul, Korea!

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our esteemed sponsors: BONK, Fidelion, Weple, Solana Foundation, Solflare, Jito, Pyth, Exchange Art, Bonkbot, Orca and MissW.

Prepare to be captivated by an array of stunning artworks showcased by talented artists, alongside insightful Educational Presentations highlighting the groundbreaking products made Only Possible On Solana (#OPOS).

Indulge in an evening of delectable dining and refreshing drinks amidst the picturesque backdrop of the Han River at a stunning venue.

And who knows? There might just be some exciting giveaways to add an extra sprinkle of magic to the night!



  • ​5:30pm | Doors Open

  • 6pm - 7:30 pm | Keynotes, panels and talks. Building, testing, conversations and connections with sponsors and attendees.

  • ​​7:30 pm onwards | Social Mixer. Food and Beverages!



For this event, BONK Art Master is excited to be displaying the work of 21 artists, both local and from abroad, in their interpretation of our beloved Dog. Our artists include:
- soeme
- hedon139
- spielraum
- PinkHoney
- DuckYou18
- LinaLee
- Meendart Manjuu
- Doonbo
- Duriduri
- Re.j
- Manee
- Kekatak
- Ellie
- Parker
- Mind Paper
- JoyDy
- Jo Tae Sung
- Lee Dong Won
- Park NaYoung
- Soran
- BoogieBlack


BONK (Co-Host)

​BONK is the social layer and community project that started on Solana with deep utility integrations across a wide base of applications, protocols and cross chain partnerships within the Web3 ecosystem


Project Fidelion is a web3 Solana NFT-based IP brand project crafted around a central focus on storytelling and art. Set against the backdrop of a finely crafted dystopian world at the turn of the century, the project has gained love from a diverse audience due to its well-designed universe and a detailed storyline built upon it.

WEPLE (Venue)

Weple is a blockchain based Web 3.0 company focused on digital art and the creator ecosystem within South Korea and beyond. Ranging from digital artists, creators and  influencers, Weple is a leading organization within the Blockchain Space in South Korea. Having a flagship Digital Art Gallery with over 100 digital screens located in Yongsan in the city of Seoul, Weple has worked with a wide range of blockchain projects and digital artists including One Earth, MissW, NFT Artwork exhibitions and more. 


​Solana, one of the world’s most decentralized proof-of-stake and high-performance blockchains, powerful for developers, fast for everyone. Solana supports experiences for power users, new consumers, and everyone in between.

​Solana Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the decentralization, growth, and security of the Solana network.


First announced in April 2021, the Pyth Network is the largest and fastest-growing first-party financial oracle for real-time asset price data. Pyth delivers over 500 low-latency price feeds across digital assets, FX, ETFs, equities, and commodities to more than 50 blockchain ecosystems, securely and transparently.

The Pyth Network comprises some of the world’s largest exchanges, market makers, and financial services providers, who contribute their proprietary price data to the Pyth oracle for on-chain aggregation and distribution to smart contract applications.

Pyth introduces a pull oracle design which empowers apps to request or pull the latest price update to their native blockchain on demand. The Pyth Network has secured more than $300B in trading volume across hundreds of Web3 and Web2 applications. You can learn more from the Pyth [website]( and [documentation.](


Unlock the full potential of your Solana holdings with Jito's MEV-enhanced liquid staking token. Jito's unique infrastructure enables users to leverage advanced DeFi strategies while simultaneously staking their Solana and earning MEV rewards. Our dual-reward system ensures that your digital assets work harder for you, maximizing returns with MEV tip revenue! Stake with Jito and experience a smarter way to grow your crypto investments on Solana.


Solflare is the safest way to start exploring Solana. Buy, store, swap tokens & NFTs and access Solana DeFi from web or mobile.


Exchange Art is the leading digital art marketplace. Browse, create, buy, sell, and auction your artworks using Exchange Art today.


Make More Money Trading with Solana's Fastest Telegram Bot. With routing powered by Jupiter, BONKbot is the fastest way to buy, sell, and manage your trades - keeping you in control.


Orca is the leading DEX on Solana using a concentrated liquidity AMM infrastructure. It specializes in providing both concentrated liquidity and a great developer experience. Orca’s concentrated liquidity pools are built on open source smart contracts that have passed multiple security audits with an ongoing Bug Bounty of up to $500K, providing both capital efficiency and peace of mind. On top of that, developer advocates and an easy to use SDK combine to make sure integrating Orca is nothing but smooth sailing.


Miss W is a Web3 project that promotes the adoption of crypto through pageants. Regional preliminaries will be held in 20 global cities with a strong crypto culture with a grand finale in Las Vegas. Influential beauties will be representing different fields in crypto such as DeFi, DePIN, Chains, Wallets, Exchanges, and many more, with the final prize given out in BTC. 


Must be nineteen (19) years of age or older to attend The Event. By registering for this event, you agree to comply with the age restrictions as provided herein.

Please register to see the exact location of this event.
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