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Cover Image for enjoyment-focused body sculpture studio
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enjoyment-focused body sculpture studio

Hosted by Rishikesh Tirumalai
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If you want to come to this and can't pay (or want to donate off-platform), use coupon code BODY to come for free.

Think of this as a pleasure-centered movement research space to get to know your body better from the inside out.

We are not here to explore specific shapes or visuals, but rather how those shapes might feel internally. All bodies are welcome, as are all comfort levels with movement. Come as you are!

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Hosted by Rishi, this is an experiment in collective research, drawing from training in butoh, improvisatory theater, and 2.5 years of recovery from alcoholism and its impact on sensitivity.

This space exists in vehement opposition to all cultures of domination, including white supremacy, imperialism, cis-hetero-patriarchy, neurotypicality, ableism, and compulsory hierarchy. Please help us stay accountable to that.

Wear clothes you feel at home in!

Art credit: Rich Johnson

2 Going