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Electric Monk Show, Berlin (AI + Physical Theater Presentation & Discussion)

Hosted by 11:11 Philosophers Group & Blake Bertuccelli-Booth
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How can artificial intelligence influence and expand our creative horizons?

The Electric Monk Show demonstrates AI's capabilities with presentations of large language models, AI hallucinations, speech synthesis, and GLSL-based procedural art. The narrative, mixed with a physical theater performance by Grace Bertuccelli-Booth and animation by Ben Samuels, encapsulates the transformation from AI apprehension to appreciation, reflecting the audience's potential journey in understanding AI as a tool in creative endeavors.

€11 per person recommended donation. Cash / Venmo:

A talkback with creators will follow.

Monks in Attendance

Grace Bertuccelli-Booth: Physical theatre performer, playwright, and faculty member at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA).

Ben Samuels: Filmmaker and animator from New Orleans who is currently living in Hamburg, Germany.

Blake Bertuccelli-Booth: Founder of Cinema Reset, a New Media and Experimental Film exhibition in partnership with the New Orleans Film Festival, and Lowling, a New Orleans-based production company.

Additional Monk Collaborators

A.J. Baghaie: Data scientist implementing new classification processes for machine learning on DNA.

Sam Birdsong: Photographer living in New Orleans who works in the film industry.

Ezra Bertuccelli: Engineer implementing large language models to work toward new approaches of consensus-making

Alex Ebert: Singer-songwriter, performer, and composer, best known for being the lead singer and songwriter for the American band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Luke Hawley: Egineer and data scientist at IBM, where he has been working on various ways to use AI for artistic purposes.

Hannah Sanders: Performer and physical therapist who studied at the Dell'Arte International physical theater school.

Diana Tinoco: New Orleans-based Engineer and French horn player and yoga enthusiast.

Want to join the Electric Monks?

Every show includes new monk performers to improvise with Monk AI and humans. All creative humans are welcome! We'll concept collaborations at 18:00 on July 30 that will influence our show. Email for more information.

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