Cover Image for 'Best Morning Ever' by More of That (mondays at 7am)

'Best Morning Ever' by More of That (mondays at 7am)

Hosted by More of That, The KINN & Melina
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If you'd like to continue joining us in December please use our new link: December Best Morning Ever Sessions

If you're craving a power-packed start to your week with old and new friends, look no further. More of That is beyond excited to announce our KINN residency of BEST MORNING EVER where we will do yoga, meditation, breathwork, journaling, and connect with each other at the beautiful KINN community space in Venice all before 8.30 AM.

This is the PERFECT way to meet new people, set your intention, and start your week off right.

We will have a rotating set of drinks and snacks from local brands, as well as coffee provided by The KINN.

Come every Monday with a journal, and a pen and get ready for the BEST MORNING EVER!

Tickets are $10 per session.

Please RSVP to attend.

About The KINN

The KINN is a membership network, accelerator and collaborative workspace for conscious entrepreneurs, based in Venice, CA.  based in Venice, CA. Running tailored inner development and business accelerator programs for startups, providing executive coaching, accountability and access to a top tier LA based community of conscious entrepreneurs, creatives, intrapreneurs and investors. We invite you to apply and learn more at


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