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Blogging 101 ✿ Philippine Session

Hosted by Developh
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Learn how to create and publish your own DIY blog with Developh as we craft a smaller & more intimate web together. Blogs offer us a space to write & share on the web with more agency & care ₊˚✧

 ✿ Why to blog: your life, words, & perspective on this format matter 
✧ ₊˚ (your own cozy space on the internet vs. social media you can’t control; how to make it as private as youd like)

✿ Ways to blog: Platforms for publishing & how to use them
(from Blogspot/Blogger, Neocities, newsletter blogs like Substack or Tinyletter… + how to get a domain)

 ✿ We’ll blog together: Writing a low stakes post & joining a blogring
(blogring: a collection of blogs linked together ~)

 ✿ We’ll also talk RSS and a bit about blogging history, make 88x31 buttons, and more

You can fill up this questionnaire to let us know what you'd like to know about blogging.

At the end of the session, you will have a simple blog set up & published, have the link to your blog on the Developh blogring, and will hopefully have a small cozy blogging community to begin writing, reading, and commenting with. ♡ While we might generalize blogs to be 'journalistic' – we'll be exploring blogs with novel quirks, like ones that simply contain voice memos/field recordings amidst diary entries, recipe blogs, or blogs that read like tweets.

We hope you find the value and security in being able to craft a space of your own like this on the web – even if you run the blog for just a week or for the next few decades.

This is the Philippine session of the event. There is a more North America-friendly timed session on December 1st, Thursday at 5:30PM PT/8:30PM ET at

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