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GSA 2024 Demo Day

Hosted by Orbit Startups & SMU Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
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We are thrilled to invite you to our Korea Global Startup Academy 2024 Demo Day on Thursday, July 25, at 4:30 PM [UTC/GMT+8] in Singapore!

Join us to witness 12 incredible startups in sectors including E-commerce, Grief Tech, Fintech, Blockchain, AI, Proptech and Healthtech as they showcase their groundbreaking innovations.

If you are forwarding this invitation to your colleagues, please inform us or email for approval, as this is an invite-only event.

Hope to have you there!

GSA Startups:
About the startups:
Retail Lagoon: Compliance automation solution  for streamlining export procedures for K-beauty brands.

Treasurer: Alternative asset fractional investment platform combining distributed ledger blockchain (Security Token) technology and AI valuation system for collectibles.
Co-Founder: Ryan Kim

Hanul: Blockchain data and smart contract risk monitoring and auditing service.
Founder: Tae Woo Han

JL Standard: AI character-generated chat, voice, and video conversation app.
Founder: Namwoong Jo

Lucent Block: Development of service features to increase user engagement and user base expansion for real estate fractional investment platform.
Founder: Phillip Huh

Market of Material: Machine learning-based steel trading intermediary service.
Founder: Winston Jo

We Data Lab: Enhancement of open-source database monitoring solution with LLM VectorDB monitoring functionality.
Co-Founder: Soo Kyung Kim

Enhans: Artificial Intelligence Brand Accelerator
Founder: Seunghyun Lee

Pia Space: Multi-modal AI-enabled automatic detection CCTV solution for disaster/crime situations.
Founder: Heonsu Yu

Eco&Rich: Dental Night Guard based on smart manufacturing technology, resolving issues with traditional manual production methods.
Founder: Jin-Hun Jeon

Lu n Park: Functional solution for improving vitiligo using a formulation promoting melanin production containing natural extracts.
Founder: Darren Park

Join and Join: Design technology related to alternative butter based on plant-based oils, offering advantages in functionality and price compared to regular butter.
Co-Founder: Hudson Jin

Once again, details are shared below:
Time: Thurs July 25 at 4:30-7:00 PM Singapore time [UTC/GMT+8]
Location: SMU Greenhouse Level 3 Main Event Hall

The Greenhouse at SMU Connexion
Singapore Management University, 40 Stamford Rd, Level 3 SMU Connexion, Singapore
SMU Green House Level 3 Main Event Hall