📚MCJ Book Club Discussion: Rewiring America

Fri, Oct 15, 1:00 AM UTC


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DM Nitin Iyer or join the @study-group slack channel for more info!

Based on the poll results our next book will be Rewiring America by Saul Griffith! Book can be found here: https://www.rewiringamerica.org/policy/rewiring-america-handbook

Given the report is ~140 pages, we’ll just have one discussion that covers the whole report. You’re always welcome to join a discussion even if you’ve already finished the book or read ahead. Looking forward to reading with the group. If you have any questions please message Nitin Iyer! Schedule for Rewiring America:

  • Start reading - Thursday 9/23

  • Discussion - Thursday 10/14 @ 6:00PM PST

As per usual we’ll be on Zoom for the meetings. Will share the Luma event invite in this channel shortly. Happy reading everyone!

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