Cover Image for x Bitpanda - Community-Powered Web3: Beyond Business as Usual x Bitpanda - Community-Powered Web3: Beyond Business as Usual

Hosted by Noemia McCarthy, Vicktoria Klich & Jonathan Kuhl
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About Event

Join us for a significant milestone as Bitpanda, one of Europe’s biggest players in the blockchain and financial industry, presents its first-ever event in collaboration with its subsidiary, Pantos. 

We will kick this off in our beautiful w3.hub 🗝️

This exclusive gathering will provide a deep dive into their insights and forward-looking perspectives on the future of Web3 and how their multichain network plays into this.

What to expect?

What does it actually mean for an international company to build a community? We will explore the power of building thriving communities and discover the strategies, insights, and experiences that have propelled Bitpanda and Pantos, to the forefront of innovation.

This is a rare opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking discussion hosted by Bitpanda, Pantos and the Gain valuable knowledge, connect with industry visionaries, and contribute to shaping the future of Web3.

Please be aware that this is an industry event and has limited capacities 🥷🏽


  • 18:00 Entry, Drinks, Snacks, Vibes ✨

  • 18:45 Kickoff Agenda: Welcome and a deep dive into Communities by

  • 19:00 Bitpanda & Pantos Welcome and Introduction

  • 19:15 Building long-lasting community relationships at Bitpanda & Pantos

  • 19:45 Pizza, more drinks, and even more vibes! Network with Bitpanda, Pantos,, and other attendees 🫶🏽.