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Weekend Sprint: Big Decision Fellowship

Hosted by Network Capital
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  1. Should I take up a $200,000 loan to pursue higher studies?

  2. Should I quit my job that pays well and provides financial security?

  3. Should I leave my city and relocate to pursue something completely new?

  4. I have been rejected every time I apply for this job. Should I try something different?

  5. I am confused about what to do next? I am in my most productive years , yet I feel lost and directionless.

  6. I have to move to a new country and am unsure how I will fit into the new culture. I am feeling nervous.

These are a short sample of questions our community members have been trying to figure out. These are big, consequential decisions that will shape the trajectories of their work and personal lives. Preparing to take such decisions requires clear mental models, a tribe of mentors, a high trust environment, personalized introductions and 1:1 coaching.

Why this fellowship focused on big decisions?

In this fellowship, you will learn how to allocate time and headspace to take big decisions. You will work with a series of coaches to define your goals and figure out a clear strategy to achieve them using tools like the Eisenhower Matrix. We understand that simply knowing tools and mental models isn’t enough. Applying them needs hand-holding.

We cannot tell you what to do. All we can do is to help you think things through with clarity and conviction.