MIDWEEK May 26: Hazel Monae | Sound of the Genuine: Howard Thurman as a Spiritual Teacher

May 26 (Wed), 11:30 PM - May 27 (Thu), 12:30 AM Coordinated Universal Time


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"There is something in every one of you that waits, listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself." - Howard Thurman 

Ready to let the sound of the genuine flow through you? Ready to cultivate practices that tune you to your authentic self? During this practice, participants will draw on the commencement address of Howard Thurman and explore practices that will help your discern our authentic spiritual voices.

Hazel enjoys seeing the world through travel, eating spicy food and laughing heartily. She received her BA from Willamette University and her M.Div from Boston University. She is a proud aunt, skilled in the art of word searches, loves to sing and is a huge fan of orca whales. Learn more about Hazel at: www.hazelmonae.com

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