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MIDWEEK April 28: David Coletta | Deepening your experience of worship online

Apr 28 (Wed), 11:30 PM - Apr 29 (Thu), 12:30 AM Coordinated Universal Time ·Zoom


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Last year, worship and other experiences of community and connection went online. For some, online connection and spirituality has been difficult — feeling distanced or distracted. The good news is that there are ways that you can use technology differently to help deepen your experience. This session is MIDWEEK is an experiment in trying different practices that might change the way you feel interacting with others online. 

 David is a dad, a retired software engineer, a singer, a runner, a sexuality educator in training, a member of a Quaker-inspired cooperative household in Arlington, Mass., an amateur cheesemaker, and the CTO of a cannabis startup, among other things. David is experimenting with “tech ministry” as a way to learn compassion and empathy in a context that is especially vital in this particular moment. You can learn more about David's ministry at:

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