MIDWEEK April 7: Emily Ling | Moral Bricolage

Apr 7 (Wed), 11:30 PM Coordinated Universal Time ยทZoom


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โ€‹We all inherit and are formed by a variety of spiritual, cultural, and relational values, and we all must reconfigure these ingredients of morals and traditions for our current life and times. In this introduction to the practice of moral bricolage, I will offer an invitation to reflect on how we may fashion creative and ethical beauty out of the bits of our own unique stories so as to create a mosaic of spiritual grounding for our future journeys.

โ€‹Emily Ling (she/her) lives and works in the intersection of spirituality, social justice, ecology, and creativity. She holds masters degrees in Public Affairs and Divinity, and worked for years in the field of criminal justice policy reform before embarking on her current job as a full-time farmer who engages regenerative agriculture to empower marginalized communities.

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