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Webinar: Creating virtual learning spaces

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Important message: to let more people participate in this webinar, we will start with a Youtube live-stream. Please use this (updated) event link to join:
At the end of the session we will visit the some virtual worlds in imedu, for which we will share the link during the live-stream.


Building a virtual space for education requires a few steps:
☑️ Start with a plan
☑️ Choose (or build) your virtual world
☑️ Add learning materials and assignments
☑️ Test and evaluate

In this webinar we dive into the practical side of configuring and building a virtual space using imedu. We show how you can easily set up single or multi-stage spaces and will make them interactive with 3D models, embedded websites, screen shares, quizzes, images and presentations.

We will set up our a few spaces like a virtual gallery, project room, or nature expedition. At the end of the session you will have to opportynity to explore them yourself with an avatar!

The last part of this event will take place in a virtual learning world of imedu. No software download is required, but you will need an updated browser like Chrome or Firefox. For the best experience we strongly recommend to use an audio headset and computer mouse.