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DigiFT Drinks "The Future of DeFi"

Hosted by DigiFT
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​DigiFT Drinks "The Future of DeFi", is a networking event organized by DigiFT, a regulatory-compliant decentralized exchange. Meet with top Web3 projects, asset managers, financial institutions, family offices, etc. in Hong Kong on April 14th to discuss the future of DeFi.

​We look forward to your attendance as we curate a new narrative for Web3 assets!

"The Future of DeFi",是由新加坡去中心化交易所DigiFT举办的私享交流酒会。将定向邀请头部Web3项目方、香港顶级资管机构、投资银行和家族办公室等,于4月14日齐聚香港,共同交流DeFi的未来!


"The Future of DeFi",系由新加坡去中心化交易所DigiFT舉辦嘅私享交流酒會。將定向邀請頭部Web3項目方、香港頂級資管機構,投資銀行、家族寫字樓等,於4月14日齊聚香港,共同交流DeFi嘅未嚟!