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The Exceptional Virtual Facilitation Workshop

Hosted by Gwyn Wansbrough
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Ever participated in a virtual group session where:聽

馃槏The Zoom room is buzzing with energy, everyone is participating, and you leave with new insights, a fresh perspective, and more empowered than when you arrived?

It feels like magic, right?聽

And you want nothing more than to recreate that effortless, transformative experience for the participants in your group sessions.

Except, when it鈥檚 time for you to step up to the virtual mic鈥

馃槵 Every question is met with deafening silence.聽

Your transitions from one activity to the next feel clunky.聽

All you can see is a row of blank faces or black squares.聽

And you鈥檙e convinced your clock is running slow because it feels like you鈥檝e been talking to your participants for an hour.聽

If your virtual group sessions have been getting more awkward silences than a cringy stand-up comedy special lately 鈥暵

Don鈥檛 worry.聽聽

Even the best leaders, experts, and in-person facilitators struggle to vibe up their Zoom room.聽

And that鈥檚 because what works in person doesn鈥檛 work virtually.聽

No matter how well you know your content 鈥暵

Online, you鈥檙e battling new challenges such as:

  • 馃槾Zoom fatigue (because people don鈥檛 want to attend yet 鈥渁nother鈥 meeting)聽

  • 馃摫Keeping participants laser focused on the content when they can easily turn their cameras off and multi-task on Facebook聽

  • 鈽曪笍Trying to build community & connection between a group of strangers without the help of free-flow coffee or a grazing table

Here鈥檚 the good news!聽

There IS a way to make your virtual sessions engaging, fun, and transformative for your participants every single time.

You just need to design and lead your group sessions specifically for the way people interact online鈥

And I鈥檓 going to show you how!

In this FREE 1 hour workshop, you鈥檒l walk away knowing鈥

  1. Why you need to master the art of virtual facilitation even if you have experience leading in-person events

  2. The 5 mistakes that are making your audience lose interest in your sessions faster than you can say 鈥渂reakthrough鈥澛

  3. How to maintain your participants鈥 energy & engagement throughout the session as you build connection and community

  4. The Breakthrough Arc: My powerful 8-step process that鈥檒l help you design consistently high-quality experiences for your group members, and keep them signing up for more!

And here鈥檚 the best part 鈥暵

When you join me LIVE, you鈥檒l not only get to experience first-hand what exceptional virtual facilitation looks and feels like...

You鈥檒l also discover HOW I create virtual sessions that flow and feel like magic.聽

That鈥檚 right!聽

Throughout the workshop, I鈥檒l lift the curtain and reveal the exact techniques I use in real-time to:

  • Build trust & create psychological safety from the moment you enter the Zoom room so you feel more comfortable speaking up

  • Help everyone do their best thinking

  • Encourage interaction, and spark transformation between you and your fellow participants

  • And so much more!

So come prepared to take notes because you鈥檒l be able to take your observations and apply them immediately to your next group session.聽

Ready to see exceptional facilitation in action (and swipe the exact techniques I use to create transformative virtual sessions that flow)?聽

Save your seat in the workshop by registering above.

Can鈥檛 make it live? Don鈥檛 worry, a replay will be sent out to you so you鈥檒l still get to see all the tools and techniques I use as an exceptional facilitator.聽

"Gwyn is an incredible facilitator who brings years of experience in creativity, empowerment, learning and breakthrough moments!聽"

- Romy Alexandra,聽

Learning Experience Designer & Experiential Learning Trainer

馃憢 Meet Your Virtual Facilitator

Hi, I鈥檓 Gwyn Wansbrough

I鈥檓 a facilitator, learning experience designer, and someone who鈥檚 spent thousands of hours on Zoom.聽

But once COVID hit and I had to switch to leading groups online, I had a big breakthrough:

That online experiences can be just as good, if not better, than face-to-face!聽

But while most educators & leaders are amazing at creating world-class content 鈥

Their 鈥渋nteractive鈥 workshops lacked interactions, and their group coaching sessions had almost no group participation!聽

And that鈥檚 because they didn鈥檛 know how to deliver their content 聽online in a way that sparks curiosity and learning. Or empowers their group members to speak up, take action or achieve a transformation.聽

That鈥檚 when I dedicated myself to helping more people become exceptional facilitators.

I immersed myself in everything there is to know about virtual facilitation and spent thousands of hours on the Zoom grid figuring out what works and what doesn鈥檛.聽

And eventually, I was able to create a repeatable process anyone can use to lead engaging & transformative online sessions every single time.聽

The Good News?

You won鈥檛 have to put in thousands of hours on Zoom or get 15+ years of facilitation experience鈥β

Instead, I鈥檓 taking you behind the scenes and sharing everything you need to know to improve your confidence as a facilitator and build thriving connections in your online groups and in every virtual session you lead!聽

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