Sponsorships AMA with Justin Moore | Hosted by Passionfroot

Hosted by Passionfroot
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A free live session open to ALL creators. This is for you if:

  • your content isn’t getting sponsors yet

  • you’re nervous about how much you’re charging brands for ads and sponsorships

  • if you struggle to keep your sponsorship revenue consistent and you’re constantly searching for sponsors

  • if you’d like to earn more money through sponsorships

About Justin Moore

Justin is a sponsorship coach & the founder of CreatorWizard, a community that teaches you how to negotiate your dream brand deals. He’s been a full-time creator for over 8 years and has personally made over $4M with sponsorships. He also ran an influencer marketing agency which helped other creators to earn an additional $3M. Justin has insider knowledge on sponsorships including how brands choose creators to partner with and what make them spend more.

About Passionfroot

Passionfroot is a platform that allows you to do sponsorships without the hassle! Finally you have a place to showcase your value to brands, collaborate on campaigns, and manage bookings and payments. Stop feeling overwhelmed by the opportunities. Start seizing them.