Beyond The Baby Blues



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Entering parenthood can be a significant life transition, and while it’s a beautiful time of growth and nurturing, it’s not always what you expect it to be. An example of this can be the changes you see in your mood and/or anxiety during pregnancy or postpartum. These changes are often misunderstood or in some cases, not recognized at all. To better understand these specific changes, Shift therapist Jessica Portelli will discuss the signs of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, as well as the supportive strategies available to you.

By the end of this webinar attendees will:

  • Have a better understanding of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, who it impacts, why it happens, and what they may look like in real life.

  • Learn about the different strategies one can use to navigate mood and anxiety challenges during pregnancy and postpartum.

  • Have a better understanding of when to seek support and what this might look like.

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