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Belgrade SUI Workshop

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Welcome to the Belgrade SUI Workshop organized with contributions from SUI, 4pt.O Venture Labs and Quantox Technology! You can find the workshop agenda and FAQs below. Remember to reserve your spot as seats are limited.

Workshop Agenda

Part 1: Introduction to SUI Blockchain (15 minutes)

- Overview of the SUI Blockchain.
- Introduction to SUI, its unique features, and how it differs from other blockchains.
- Overview of the SUI ecosystem, including wallets, explorers, and notable projects.
- Discuss potential use cases of SUI.

Part 2: Introduction to Move Programming Language (45 minutes)

Topic: Basics of Move
Description: Introduction to the Move programming language, its syntax, and key concepts such as resources, modules, and scripts.

Topic: Move and Smart Contracts
Description: Understanding how Move is used to write smart contracts on SUI. Discussion on the safety features and resource-oriented approach of Move.

Topic: Setting Up the Development Environment
Description: Step-by-step guide on setting up the Move development environment, including the installation of necessary tools and the SUI full node.

Break (15 minutes)

Short break to refresh and prepare for the hands-on session.

Part 3: Hands-on with Move on SUI (2 hours)

Topic: Writing Your First Smart Contract
Description: Guided activity where participants write a simple smart contract in Move, such as a basic token or a simple storage contract.

Topic: Deploying Smart Contracts
Description: Learn how to deploy smart contracts using the Move CLI and test them on devnet/testnet.

Topic: Q&A and Closing Remarks
Description: Open floor for questions, discussion on how to continue learning about SUI and Move, and closing remarks.


Q: Who will be with us at the workshop?

A: The Head of Developer Relations Engineering from SUI Foundation and many other important figures from the ecosystem will be with us.

Q: SUI will be incentivizing attendees. How?
A1: All workshop participants will receive 10 SUIs in their wallets.

A2: Participants who successfully deploy code on SUI by the end of the workshop will receive free tickets to SUI's flagship conference in Paris. More information can be found at

A3: The first 3 participants to deploy something on SUI after the workshop will receive travel refund grants to SUI's conference in Paris.

Beograd, Serbia
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