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Co-working Sprints {Virtual}

Hosted by In Creative Co Events & Drea DeMarchi
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Even as a freelancer or solopreneur, you don’t have to work alone as a member of In Creative Company. This month, you can join our Co-working Sprints as a virtual attendee or IRL in NYC {Brooklyn}. Our hybrid event is great for our global collective to meet and get some serious work done.

As an attendee of ‘Co-working Sprints,’ you should feel like you’ve had a productive 90-minutes and are now inspired to work more effectively on your own.

⏱️ Run of Show

In Creative Co-founder Drea starts each session by facilitating a goal-setting exercise. Then we work hard for a 30-minute sprint, come together for a quick inspirational exercise ‘break’ to recalibrate, sprint again, then reflect and get feedback on the work we’ve completed. Together, we can mix accountability with productivity to get the job done.

  • Gather & set goals / Digital Clean Sweep *We will be unsubscribing to newsletters for 10-minutes. This helps cut down on our carbon footprint.* (10-min)

  • Work sprint (30-min)

  • Reset exercise (10-min)

  • Work sprint (30-min)

  • Review & goodbyes (10-min)

Attendees must be on-time. In order to stay focused, we will not allow you to join after the goal-setting.

🖥️ Virtual on Zoom

The event is accessible to everyone with internet access!

Please contact the In Creative Co-founder Drea directly with any questions, Connect@InCreative.Co